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Debugging When HEAP_NO_SERIALIZE heap operations are not quite 'not serialized'

While the RTL Heap performs all heap operation in an interlocked manner by default, it can be requested not to serialize operations by passing the HEAP_NO_SERIALIZE flag to HeapCreate or HeapAlloc. In this case, the caller is in charge to provide proper synchronization. As it turns out, things change when Application Verifier heap checks are enabled for this process. To check heap operations, Application Verifier intercepts certain operations. Presumably to protect its own internal data structures, at some points, Avrf enters a critical section, as shown in this stack trace: Continue »

Debugging Application Verifier: Thread cannot own a critical section

Whereas most Verifier error messages are rather descriptive, this one is not really: VERIFIER STOP 00000200 : pid 0x2B4: Thread cannot own a critical section. 0000104C : Thread ID. 05274FDC : Critical section address. 09D88FE0 : Critical section debug information address. 010135D4 : Critical section initialization stack trace. Why should not this thread be allowed to own a critical section? What is Application Verifier trying to tell us? Luckily, the stack trace gives a hint: Continue »