Install MSI with log from shell context menu

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When authoring MSI packages, you frequently need the installation to be logged. Instead of repeatedly opening a console to type in msiexec /l* install.log /i foobar.msi, these shell context menu items may speed this process up a little. They do the same as ‘Install’ and ‘Uninstall’ but log everything (/l*) to PackageName.msi-install.log or PackageName.msi-uninstall.log, respectively. msi.png

Here are the registry entries:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="&Logged Install"
@="msiexec.exe /l* \"%1-install.log\" /i \"%1\" %*"
@="L&ogged Uninstall"
@="msiexec.exe /l* \"%1-uninstall.log\" /x \"%1\" %*"

And in case you have not yet configured ‘Run as’ for MSI files, you may want to add these as well:

@="msiexec.exe /l* \"%1.log\" /i \"%1\" %*"

MSI shell context menu (Save as and rename to .reg)

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