Onboarding workforce identities to Google Cloud

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In a company’s journey to the cloud, one of the topics that is important to sort out early is identity management. To do anything meaningful with Google Cloud, employees need to be able to sign in to the Cloud Console – and for that, they need a Google identity.

Although manually creating user accounts for each employee is possible, it is rarely a good idea if your company already has some system for managing workforce identities – whether that’s your corporate Active Directory, a human resource information system, or an IDaaS such as Okta.

Helping large customers onboard their workforce identities by integrating Google Cloud with their existing identity management systems is one of the main things I do as a Solutions Architect at Google Cloud.

Based on the experience that I have gathered over the past two years, I have assembled a set of guides that outline the processes, patterns, and best practices for onboarding workforce identities to Google Cloud. This set of guides has recently been published on our website:

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