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Tracking GitHub downloads using Google Sheets

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If you use GitHub releases to host download packages, then you’re probably interested in how often these packages are being downloaded. You’d expect that the GitHub website provided that information, but that’s not the case. Continue »

IAP Desktop 2.11

Yesterday I released version 2.11 of IAP Desktop. This new version introduces multi-display support and more. Continue »

Compute Engine feature flags controlled by metadata

When you create a VM instance on Google Cloud, you can optionally specify instance metadata. Instance metadata is a list of key/value pairs and the most common use case for using metadata is passing a startup or shutdown script to a VM. But startup and shutdown scripts are not the only platform features that rely on metadata. Continue »

Using PowerShell in Cloud Shell

One of the less well known features of Google Cloud Shell is that it has PowerShell preinstalled. All it takes to convert your Cloud Shell session into a PowerShell session is to run a single command. Continue »

How IAP Desktop protects TCP tunnels

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In the last post, we looked at the risks of using local port forwarding and how it’s difficult to protect TCP tunnels in a multi-user environment. In this post, we take a look at how IAP Desktop protects its tunnels. Continue »